Ask Me Anything – Learn and become an expert on Indirect/Digital Access of SAP Software

As part of an ongoing effort to drive value for all INDUS members, we would like to bring to you a new program for your participation and benefit – Ask Me Anything. 

In this 1st Ask Me Anything session, we will cover licensing indirect or digital access of SAP software. 

We hosted Ashish Thamke– Head of License Audit and Compliance Management for SAP India sub-continent in a free flowing question and answer session. 

This was an open session where Ashish answered all the questions that were posted for him around Indirect/Digital Access of SAP software and the right way to license the use.

You can access the entire recording here.

Some of the important questions that were covered as part of the session are as below:

  1. What is the licensing impact if a customer uses a third party app for einvoicing or GST?
  2. What is the licensing impact if a customer use SAP or a third party reporting tool?
  3. What is the licensing impact if someone access SAP applications via a .NET or third party front end?
  4. Is there a tool that SAP provides, which can help identify indirect use of SAP applications?
  5. If a named user runs a batch program to create documents in SAP by consuming an XLS file (moved into SAP application directory using FTP) ?
  6. What needs to be done from a licensing perspective during mergers and demergers?
  7. What is the licensing impact on the using API interfaces with banks to create financial documents?
  8. And many more.

We are looking forward to hosting you in many more such Ask-Me-Anything sessions.