We have been hosting Lunch and Learn starting 1st March 2022, in an attempt to bring together all the different parts of the SAP Ecosystem (SAP Customers, Partners, Startups, SAP Experts and thought leaders) that are working on great innovations that can help your organisation in your digital transformation journey.

You can join these sessions live on Zoom every day between 1:30 PM and 2:30 PM here (Passcode – 380694) or watch it live on LinkedIn here.

This post will have the links to all recordings of the sessions, in case, you would like to access them. You can access each type of content below.

Driving Digital Transformation with Thought Leaders

Driving Digital Transformation with Startups:

Driving Digital Transformation with SAP Partners

Driving Digital Transformation with SAP Experts

Driving Digital transformation with Mukesh Gupta

If you have a startup or a partner or an SAP technology that you would like to be covered as part of this series, please do let us know by writing in to us and we will try and get them on the series.