I had the opportunity to host Mr. Vijay Sethi (CIO, CHRO and head of CSR at the world’s largest two wheeler manufacturer – Hero Moto Corp) on a meeting and request him to share his his insights and learnings about digital transformation. He also busts some of the myths about digital transformation. If digital transformation is a topic of interest for you, I highly recommend that you watch the entire session here.  

In this session, Vijay busted 9 Myths about Digital transformation. You can find the same as below. You can watch him share his takes on the Myths here.

Digital Transformation is about technology.Digital transformation is all about the customer
Digital transformation is about disrupting everything.Digital experience is all about putting customer experience at the center of decision making.
Digital transformation will replace physicalDigital transformation will enhance physical.
Digital transformation will cost too much.Digital transformation is not about cost, but about value.
Digital transformation is only relevant for large organisations.Digital experience is all about putting customer experience, irrespective of the size of your business.
Digital transformation will lead to people losing their jobsDigital transformation is about enhancing skillsets of employees.
Digital transformation and digitization are the same thing.Digital transformation is about significantly enhancing value, while digitization is about making current process faster, better, easier.
Digital transformation is IT’s baby, nobody else needs to worry.Digital transformation is about business and not IT.
Digital transformation can wait.Digital transformation is already a necessity.

If you would like to watch his entire session, you can do so here.