The first edition of the monthly INDUS Enterprise Support Special Interest group meeting, SAP launched the SAP Enterprise Guides program that can help you in your SAP S4HANA Project on June 30th, 2020.

You can watch the replay of the session below:

Here is a brief summary of the program, how you can participate and where to find more information to get started.

The GUIDES program is offered to accompany SAP Enterprise Support direct customers on the journey to SAP S/4HANA, it provides prescriptive and proactive SAP S/4HANA guidance in an efficient and programmatic approach for the full project life cycle.

1. What are the key new features and benefits in GUIDES?

Besides the well-known and proven SAP Enterprise Support services, assets, and SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps, the new GUIDES program will have additional innovative content and assets, which will be further enhanced and optimized in 2020. 

2. How can SAP’s GUIDES program support you?

The new GUIDES program has some key pillars, as illustrated in the below picture: 

The engagement starts with an Onboarding session, followed by delivery of selected Journey Checks. The tailored Engagement Plan builds the foundation for the collaboration between the SAP Enterprise Support Advisory and customers. 

Engagement Points are designed to be delivered throughout the project. They can be touch points between SAP Enterprise Support and customer’s project team on specific topics like the results and follow-up activities of a Continuous Quality Check service.

The well-known SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps will remain an important collaboration foundation and methodology between SAP Enterprise Support customers and SAP Enterprise Support Advisory team.

*Note: Not every Journey Check will be available at the start of GUIDES. Number of Journey Checks varies depending on deployment options and transition paths. 

3. How does an Engagement Plan of GUIDES program look like?

Let’s have a look at a high level Engagement Plan example to get detailed insights on the GUIDES program. We will share more details on these activities from PREPARE to EXPLORE phase. 

The Engagement Plan can be adjusted after each SAP Activate phase or in case of significant changes to your project planning. For instance, a first Engagement Point could be scheduled during your starting activities while you convert your sandbox, the supporting empowerment offerings and documents on how to perform this conversion would be provided. Further, a Journey Check will be provided, where typical questions with relevance to sandbox conversion and next steps will be raised. We would guide you through this exercise based on SAP’s Best Practices. 

In case there is an unplanned change in the project, an ad-hoc Engagement Point can be scheduled to align on required Engagement Plan modifications.

4. What are NEXT STEPs?

As a customer, you may ask, so when is the right time that SAP Enterprise Support direct customers can join the new GUIDES program? The ideal and recommended starting point is at the end of the SAP Activate DISCOVER Phase or at the beginning of the PREPARE phase. It is also possible to join our program at a later phase of the implementation.

So if you are already in such a phase, kindly join us through the activities below.

Register for the SAP Enterprise support Guides program via SAP Enterprise Support Advisory Council landing page.

Let SAP Enterprise Support be your guide in your SAP S/4HANA journey!

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