I had the opportunity to host Mr. Vijay Sethi (CIO, CHRO and head of CSR at the world’s largest two wheeler manufacturer – Hero Moto Corp) on a meeting and request him to share his his insights and learnings about digital transformation. He also busts some of the myths about digital transformation. If digital transformation is a topic of interest for you, I highly recommend that you watch the entire session here.  

At the end of this session, Vijay shared some tips for driving successful Digital transformation programs. You can watch him share his tips on the how to run successful digital transformation initiatives here.

  1. Don’t rush to find out consultants. They have a role to play, but much later in the process. Figure out your business strategy before you invest in anything. All investments need to bring your business strategy to life.
  2. While using outside experts, don’t forget to leverage your inside experts!
  3. Don’t get into the trap of chasing best technology! Digital transformation is not about technology at all. It is about culture. Focus on mindsets and culture of your organisation Encourage experimentation – fail fast, fail cheap and learn from mistakes (and successes).  
  4. Get C-Suite ownership (before you start anything else).
  5. Identify and Collaborate with key stakeholders. Drive digital culture into your organization’s DNA
  6. Setup the right team. Bridge the skill gap. Get people who understand IT, who have done IT and who have the passion to do IT.
  7. Focus on data analytics (from nice to have –> must have).
  8. Build early successes. As in any change process, this adds momentum to your program.
  9. Recognise and address employees’ fear of losing their jobs.
  10. Be agile in decision making.
  11. Digital transformation is not a destination, its journey and a means to an end.
  12. Digital transformation will not solve all your business problems. However, it can significantly help enhance customer experience, reduce costs, improve efficiencies, improve quality and
  13. Digital transformation is not an option today. It is a necessity.
  14. Digital transformation is about reimagining your business.
  15. Digital transformation is not easy. It is “Change” multiplied and amplified by technologies.

In the same session, he also busted 9 myths about digital transformation. You can read the same and watch the video here.

If you would like to watch his entire session, you can do so here.