The INDUS HR Special Interest Group in their monthly meeting covered the following in the session “Transform & Leverage SAP SuccessFactors  Learning @ your workplace”.

They hosted Sreelatha who delivered the session and covered the topic in detail.

You can watch the recording of the session here.

A brief overview on SF Learning Management System, an effective learning approach supports:

Filling of skills Gaps 

SuccessFactors brings together powerful functionality that allows companies to map out skills needed in the workforce and enables their users to explore these and find the right development opportunities for them. 

Continuous Learning

Companies are beginning to assess and value learning agility, or the ability to learn quickly in a changing environment. As people are now expecting to work for decades longer than their predecessors did, they take for granted that they will need to learn and gain new expertise throughout their lives. 

Based on past experience we have covered detailed slides on how organization can create the learning culture, overcome the economics of learning and enhancing the employee engagement. Top 12 benefits are covered in detailed with examples.

With integrations that support social learning, mentor matching, curated content delivery, crowdsourced content, and the tracking of learning activities outside of the traditional LMS catalog as well as training programs and learning journeys, SuccessFactors Learning not only enables learners to keep growing throughout their working lives, but also supports visibility for employers into just how their workforce is developing. 

Learning in the Flow of Life & Personalisation

The focus in corporate learning is shifting away from formal training programs and learning paths in many cases, and toward a more self-determined paradigm of learning. 

With SAP Content Stream by Skillsoft, in-context learning like tips, videos or answers to questions can be incorporated directly into daily work.

The embedded, synchronized learning assistant (ELSA) empowers users with in-context learning – available through a browser plug-in – directly in their natural workflow. The ELSA plug-in works with a variety of popular browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Explorer.

Additionally, many companies are shifting to a content-delivery model rather than a traditional learning assignment model. With iteratively improved machine learning and increasing integration of learning recommendations into various work processes, SuccessFactors Learning will leapfrog the learning experience platform model in some ways, while also offering multiple extensions to provide the LXP experience as well. 

Human Experience Management

With HXM, organizations can harness intelligent technologies to personalize the user experience, use data to understand how employees feel, and leverage an open ecosystem to tap into a wide range of solutions.  SuccessFactors Learning is focusing on a reimagination of the end user experience of our solution. 

SF Learning solution offerings in more detail:  :

  • A Learning Management System (LMS) that supports instructor led training, A Learning Management System (LMS) that supports instructor led training, eLearning, exams/assessments, reporting and dashboards
  • SAP Jam Collaboration for extended social learning
  • Mobile learning via an intuitive app for anytime, anywhere learning
  • Analytics that help customers understand how, where, and to whom training is delivered, and through this understanding, it can help customers measure the efficiency of internal and external training resources and the overall impact of training experiences on employees
  • SAP Content Stream by Skillsoft, a solution extension integrated with SF Learning to deliver an immersive learning experience and high class content. And at SAP SuccessFactors, we have an “Open Content Strategy because– it all starts and ends with content!  SAP SuccessFactors believes content should be ‘open’ and available from any source and easy to consume. So in addition to the content from Content Stream 
  • Content creation tools – SAP Enable Now, a content authoring tool that allows customers to easily create and deploy context-sensitive user help, transaction documentation, training simulations, test scripts, and e-learning materials, and SAP Knowledge Accelerator which is an editable, web-based learning and support product that customers can use to complete training and performance support. 

Combining SuccessFactors Learning with SAP Content Stream fills the gap of addressing learning experience and engaging users with personalized and relevant content. 

Organizations must evolve their training solutions to better manage costs, address skill gaps, and comply with learning standards and employee expectations. Add SAP Jam, and you provide a collaborative learning experience to your employees.

Learning solutions need to continue to invest in their Learning Management System to support compliance and talent development as well as training external audiences. And they must increase their focus on

  • Supporting modern learners and learning strategies
  • Delivering learning through a beautiful and engaging user experience 
  • Expanding in new markets such as B2B/Extended Enterprise