We are an independent organisation, operated and managed for the benefit of our members.

We provide meetings and discussion forums in a neutral environment where SAP users can network, exchange experiences, and receive presentations from selected relevant companies. 

We provide numerous events throughout the year, covering a wide range of topics relevant to the operation and implementation of SAP software, and including presentations by users on their own experiences, by SAP on the latest development in their products (sometimes including pre-launch information), and by selected vendors on their products where we feel these will be relevant and of interest. 

For more information please see about us

No, the User Group is an independent organisation, operated and managed by SAP customers, for the benefit of SAP customers.

Full membership is open to all companies who are licensed users of any SAP developed or acquired software.  

A Partner is eligible to join the User Group if their system is being used for their core business functionality. Only users will represent the Partner at meetings. The User Group has the authority to terminate membership if a company is found canvassing for business.

As a member of the User Group there are a number of benefits available to assist you and your organisation, including:

  • Corporate Membership = unlimited registered users 
  • Participate in each of our SIG meetings
  • Participate in all the Chapter meetings, regional and annual conferences.  
  • Dedicated website and collaboration platforms
  • Network and exchange experiences with other users
  • Collective voice to influence SAP policies and practices
  • Members have input into SAP Product Development


For more information regarding INDUS, please contact admin@induscommunity.com.

Becoming a member of the INDUS is a straightforward, quick and easy process, You will be asked to complete the following sections:

  • Company details
  • Primary contact details
  • Membership type
  • Areas of Interest

Once you have submitted your details, you will receive a confirmation message, your application will be added to an authorisation queue and our support team will receive an e-mail notifying them of your application. You can register yourself as an INDUS member here.

We will review your application within two working days, at which point you will receive an email from us confirming your membership application.

Parts of the website are open to everyone. However, to view complete articles, news stories and private documents, such as meeting minutes and presentations, you will require full membership.


Full membership gives you unrestricted access to all parts of the website including discussion forums and is open to all SAP customers

A SIG is a Special Interest Group, which focus on a specific area. This could be an industry (Automotive, Retail, Consumer Products), a function (Finance, HR, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, IT, etc) or an SAP solution or service (Enterprise Support, Analytics, SAP S4HANA, Solution Manager, etc).  You can find the current list of active SIG’s here

  • Our SIGs meet throughout the year, with a number of meetings held at various SAP’s offices in India. 
  • With the Covid situation, all the SIG meetings are being held online using collaboration tools like Zoom or MS Teams. 
  • Members can also host these SIG meetings in their premises, if it is feasible. 

Any active INDUS member can propose the creation of a new SIG. You can do so by writing an email to admin@induscommunity.com. The member proposing the SIG becomes by default the SIG lead for the first term until, the SIG decides to change that. We will need atleast 10 customers who are interested in the SIG proposed in order to create and support the SIG. We will reach out to the community and ask if there is interest in the SIG before confirmation. 

Chapters are a micro-community of members who are geographically, co-located in a single city or cluster. We currently have active chapters at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Cochin, Coimbatore and Ahmedabad.