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The Corona outbreak is a Black Swan event that is bringing whole lot of changes in behavior, mindset and attitude of consumers worldwide. New consumption patterns are evolving, buying habits are changing and market segments are disrupting themselves. It is predicted that over next couple of years and beyond, consumers across countries would remain hesitant to travel, visiting shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, cineplexes, markets and avoid public outings – the focus will shift to an experience led digital world much faster than ever before. Consumer will never be the same again! 

Key Themes

The Rise of a New Consumer

With the shift in buying behavior, consumption patterns, and spending habits, the business is moving towards a New Normal.


Front Office Transformation

With the disruption on rise, businesses need to accelerate growth and productivity across their channels including retail, channel sales, digital commerce and customer service.


Digital Commerce

Surveys globally indicate digital would be the preferred channel for customers to buy in post-covid world across categories be it essentials, lifestyle, luxury, impulse and high-value products.


The Invisible Salesman

Consumer sentiment towards health and hygiene has emerged as one of the long-term impacts of the pandemic. Businesses need to create and deliver contactless and online buying experience to its customers as the New Norm.


Unified Omnichannel Experience

Covid 19 has pushed businesses adopt digital and offer multiple channels to customers to be able to better serve them. Customer interaction touchpoints such as mobile, social, call center, store kiosks, hyper markets etc. are bound to increase


Experience Management

Navigating through Covid-19, customers need extra information, guidance, support and therefore, it is important for businesses to keep listening to their customers and get ear-to-ground insights.

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