The business plans and projections of most organisations have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Today, every business area needs to see all spending clearly, especially where it’s challenging to gain visibility and control.

As a result, CFOs are looking to steer their companies to calmer waters by improving visibility into cash flows and ensuring controls on corporate spend to better align with budgets. Additionally, companies are gearing up to support revenue and operational stability, liquidity and credit risk while dealing with trade disruptions, new suppliers and changes in the risk and compliance landscape.

Key Themes

Risk Management & Compliance

CISOs, CROs, CSOs, CFOs and CIOs need to help ensure an agile and simple approach to
enabling a remote workforce to continue to do their jobs in a secure manner.


The Path to Intelligent Spend Management

Evolving market dynamics and business models are making managing spend more
complex than ever. The struggle is amplified when you are trying to manage
multiple applications and workflows…


Cash Flow Management & Spend Planning

Cash flow is at the center of an effective response with key focus areas being increasing
cash visibility, maintaining liquidity, mitigating financial risk and increasing automation.

Remote Close Management

In these uncertain times, it is imperative to manage financial close continuity. The delivery
is affected because of lack of Team Coordination, access to real time information,
traceability of data and lack of automation.

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