Manufacturing is a mainstay of commercial activity for most industries as well as a major employer of full-time and contractual employees. Disruptions in supply chain and efforts to contain the spread of the pandemic saw industries coming to a stop. Several factories have even been repurposed to make supplies to combat the disease. When manufacturing units open into The New Normal, company COOs will face numerous challenges, ranging from financial and supply issues to the availability of workforce. They will also need to adhere to new regulations brought in to ensure safety of workforce while balancing production capacities.

Key Themes

Labor Safety

Getting back into full time production will be the need of the hour for manufacturing units, but taking measures to keep workers safe will be of utmost importance.


Managing Contractual Workforce

While companies have a direct line of contact with their full-time employees and will take care of them during emergencies, the same may not be true of contracted consultants or an outsourced workforce.

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