How MachineTalk can help address shop-floor challenges posed by COVID-19
Tuesday, 14th July, 2020
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm IST

Many governments are allowing for lockdowns to be lifted with certain caveats, but the economic impact of the pandemic are going to hold some severe consequences for businesses in the foreseeable future. Post-lockdown challenges for manufacturers will include the following:

  • With workforce shortages, improving the productivity of personnel will become vital.
  • Remote working guidelines are still in place as are restrictions on the number of people in the factory. Supervisors must be able to remotely monitor/control production.
  • Cost optimization and cost cuts will be major focus areas as cash flow will take time to recover.
  • Real-time efficiency monitoring of high-value equipment to maximum production capacity is a must. Unplanned down time and maintenance works will need to be reduced.
Manufacturers who had invested in digitization prior to the pandemic are now seeing its benefits as they have been able to adapt quickly to the new conditions. To help companies get their manufacturing units back on track and ensure overall resilience in the case of crises, Expert Global Solutions offers an industrial IoT platform called MachineTalk. This platform allows remote monitoring of operations, energy optimization, worker productivity monitoring, and other tasks to ensure plants are running as efficiently as possible. MachineTalk takes an integrated approach to maximizing ROI of systems already in place, collects and analyzes data from these systems, and offers actionable insights based on this real-time data. The platform’s capabilities, in conjunction with SAP tools, include:
  • Identifying the right sensors for data collection
  • Storage on the cloud of acquire data
  • Device hardware for data acquisition
  • Big data management
  • Configuration to add new data points
  • Machine learning and predictive analytics

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